Aug. 17, 2019, 4:19 p.m.

Ho Chi: You are iron. You are steel! Let me ask you something, how come when I call your computer support line, I have to wait an hour and a half?
Pete: I told you, we're adding new operators all the time. Could we concentrate on my training?
Ho Chi: It's just hard when I know I have e mail I can't get!
Monica: Hi! Monica! Hi honey. All right, on the table, on the table.
Monica: Hey, umm, so listen umm, my friends were telling me a little about this ah, ultimate fighting thing and it, well it sounds really dangerous. I I don't want you to get hurt, 'cause I, I kinda like you.
Pete: Oh, believe me, I don't wanna get hurt either. I'm being smart about this. See these guys? They're the best trainers in the world, and Ho Chi here used to be a paid assassin.
A house painter! He used to be a house painter.
Monica: Promise me you'll be careful. I promise.
Monica: Hey, are we still on for tonight? Yeah. Ok, good, because umm, well, maybe we could have a little workout of our own.
Ho Chi: No! No boom boom before big fight!
Monica: How about just a boom?
Rachel: Well that was depressing, I think I just bought a soft pretzel from one of The Kids from Fame. Ready to go to the movies? Um hmm. Oh wait! This is Bonnie.
Bonnie: Hi! This is Bonnie? This is Bonnie? You're Bonnie?
Bonnie: I can show you an ID if you want?
Rachel: Oh no, I'm sorry, just, you look a lot different than the last time I I saw you.
Bonnie: Oh, yeah, well I just started wearing bras again.
Rachel: Oh, that must be it.
Phoebe: Well I hope you have fun tonight.
Bonnie: Thanks! You too. Ok.
Rachel: You said she was bald.
Phoebe: Yeah, she was bald, she's not now.
Rachel: How could you not tell me that she has hair?
Phoebe: I don't know, I hardly ever say that about people.
Rachel: Ohh, well, this is just perfect!
Phoebe: Well I'm sorry, I thought you said it was ok.
Rachel: Yeah, I said it was ok when I thought she was some weird bald chick. I mean, you know, that girl has hair got all over her head!
Phoebe: Well, maybe it won't work out. Maybe Ross won't like her personality. Why, did she have a bad personality? Oh no, Bonnie's the best!
Doug: Bing! Read your Computech proposal, real home run. Ooh. Barely got ya that time, get over here. Come on. Wham! Good one. Now that was a good one. Keep at it team.
Chandler: What is with him? With him? You're his favor, you're his guy!
Stevens: We never get smacked.
Chandler: Well, that's not true, he he smacked you once.
Phil: Not on purpose, he ricocheted of you and got me.
Stevens: I'm telling you, I need some smacks. I got a kid starting Dartmouth in the fall.
Doug: Dartmouth? Who went to Dartmouth? Dartmouth sucks. you gotta Dartmouth Bing? No sir.
Doug: There you go.
Ross: Hey! God Ross, what is that?
Ross: Yeah, it's the Ultimate Fighting Combo. Yeah, I saved thirty cents, plus I get to keep the cup. Yay! !
Announcer: From New York City, New York! Appearing in his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut! He's known for his confrontational business style.
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Pete Beck errrr! !
Monica: I love you, Pete! !!
Announcer: And his opponent, from Huntington Beach, California! He's a 300 pound street fighter, Tank Abbottttttt! !! !
Monica: Pete! Pete! ! That guy's pretty huge!
Monica: Don't worry, Ho Chi taught me how to use an opponent's strength and weight against him.
Ross: Well, then that guy is in serious, serious trouble.
Ross: All right! You go get him! Let's go!
Referee: Here we go gentlemen, here we go! Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's get it on! ! Uh oh.
Monica: Hey! It's me. Mon i ca!
Pete: Who else would it be?
Monica: Well earlier, when you were coming to, you called me Fran. Can I just tell you how proud I am of you?
Pete: It would be nice after hearing 20,000 people chant "You suck!"
Monica: I mean I I thought you were nuts at first, I did, but you you did it. And now you can just look back at this whole thing with no regrets.
Pete: Look, look back?
Monica: Well, you're not gonna keep going are you?
Pete: Well let me ask you a question. Am I the Ultimate Fighting Champion?
Monica: Well, no. But. Well I'm not gonna stop until I'm the Ultimate Fighting Champion.
Monica: That guy stood on your neck until you passed out!
Pete: Let me tell you a story. When I set out to create Moss 865, do you think it just happened overnight?
No. There was Moss 1, that burnt down my dad's garage, there was Moss 2 that would only schedule appointments in January, and 862 others that I learned from, just like I learned from this fight, never to let a guy stand on my neck.
Monica: You didn't know that already?
Pete: Look, I'm gonna get better. Ok? I promise you.
Monica: Ok, just get a lot better. Fast.
Pete: Oh, one other thing. Ho Chi thinks that you being ringside may have affected my concentration.
Monica: Yeah. That that was the problem.

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