July 15, 2019, 2:50 p.m.

Monica: Joey, this is you!
Joey: Let me see. Oh, right. Oh, right!
Rachel: When did you go to a sperm bank?
Joey: Well, right after I did that sex study down at NYU. Hey, Remember that sweater I gave you for your birthday?
Chandler: And that's how you bought it?
Joey: Noooo, that's what I was wearing when I donated. I'm kinda surprised there's any of my boys left.
Monica: Well, honey, it is pretty competitive. I mean I've got an actual rocket scientist here.
Joey: Maybe, I should call this place and get them to put my 'Days of Our Lives' gig on here.
You know, juice this puppy up a little.
Phoebe: Hellooo! Hey. How's the maniac?
Phoebe: Oh, he's yummy. We did a little kissing.
Rachel: Phoebe, what are you doing?
Phoebe: Oh, no, no, no. You know what, he's not into that stuff anymore. He quit, for me.
Rachel: Pheebs, this guy has been obsessed with your sister, for God knows how long, ok, you don't just give up something like that.
Phoebe: Look, he gave me his night vision goggles and everything.
Ross: You're taking the word of a guy who has night vision goggles?
Phoebe: What, he's not still following her. You think he is still following her?
Chandler: Pheebs, wake up and smell the restraining order.
Phoebe: What are you saying I should do?
Monica: I think, that if you really like this guy, you should just trust him.
Phoebe: Thank you, Monica.
Joey: Orrr, you could follow him and see where he goes.
Monica: Oh, that's what I would do, forget mine.
Rachel: Oh my God, what happened?
Janice: Oh. God, crazy Chandler. He spun!
Rachel: Wow! Spinning, that sounds like fun.
Janice: Oh, I wish. No, you know he was just trying Ross's hug and roll thing.
Rachel: Ross's what?
Janice: You know what, where he hugs you and he kinda rolls you away
Malcom: Phoebe? Yes? Yes! Oh.
Malcom: What're you doing?
Phoebe: Oh, I was just here looking for, um, my um, my part of an old sandwich. Here it is! Oh. Oh!
Malcom: Were-were you following me?
Phoebe: Um, perhaps. Yes! Yes, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was just afraid that you were still hung up on my sister.
Malcom: So you spied on me. I can't believe you don't trust me.
Phoebe: Oh well, what do you know, there goes my identical twin sister. Just walking along looking like me.
What, is this just like a freakish coincidence, or did you know she takes this train?
Malcom: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. I'm so pathetic.
Phoebe: No, no, it's not your fault. You know it's partly my fault, 'cause I made you quit cold turkey.
Sorry, no. Ok, well, I mean, I can't date you anymore, 'cause you're, you know Wow!
But um, but I will definitely, definitely help you get over my sister.
Ok, stalk me for a while. Huh? Yeah, and, and, and, I'll be like an Ursula patch.
Malcom: Uh-huh, I don't know.
Phoebe: Yeah, just, ok, look I'm going. Um, come on. Op, op, behind the pillar, which way am I gonna go?
Joey: Hey. Hey. Where're you going? To the bank.
Joey: Huh. Sperm or regular?
Monica: Sperm.
Joey: So you're really doing this, huh?
Monica: Oh yeah, picked a guy, 37135.
Joey: He sounds nice.
Monica: Ah, l'd say so. He got brown hair, and green eyes.
Joey: No kidding, hmm.
Monica: What? No, I-I figured you would've picked a blond guy.
Monica: Really? Why?
Joey: I don't know, I just always pictured you ending up with one of those tall, smart blond guys, name like...Hoyt.
Monica: Hoyt?
Joey: It's a name, yeah. I saw you in this, you know, this great house with a big pool.
Monica: Yeah, is-is he a swimmer?
Joey: He's got the body for it.
Monica: I like that. What?
Joey: You guys have one of those signs that says: 'We don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in our pool,' you know.
Monica: We do not have one of those signs.
Joey: Sure you do, it was a gift from me. Oh! And you have these three great kids.
Monica: Two girls and a boy? Yeah!
Monica: And, and, and they wear those little water wings, you know. And they're, they're running around on the deck.
Then Hoyt wraps this big towel around all three of them.
Joey: Sure! But hey, you know this way sounds good too.
Monica: Yeah.
Joey: Oh Monica. Wow, this guy's an astronaut. That would've been cool, for like a day.
Joey: I called the sperm bank today, they haven't sold a single unit of Tribianni. Nobody wants my product.
I mean, I-I-I don't get it Maybe if they met me in person.
Rachel: Honey, you got a little thing on your...
Joey: Get it? Yeah.
Ross: Hello. Hello.
Ross: Hey. Uh, Chan, can I uh, can I talk to you for a second?
Chandler: Sure. What's up?
Ross: Just one uh, one additional relationship thought.
Um, something you probably, are already familiar with, uh, women talk!

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