July 9, 2019, 1:54 p.m.

Friends Season 2 Episode 20: The one Where Old Yeller Dies.

Hey. Watcha guys doing?
Monica's making us watch Old Yeller.
Why are you guys so upset? It's Old Yeller, it's a happy movie.
What? What're you talking about?
Come on, happy family gets a dog, frontier fun.
Yeah but Pheebs, what about the end?
What when Yeller saves the family from the wolf and everyone's happy?
That's not the end.
Yuhuh. That's when my mother would shut off the TV and say 'The end'.
What about the part where he has rabies?
He doesn't have rabies, he has babies. That's what my mom said.
Uh, Phoebe, I don't think your mom would want you to see what's about to happen.
What, what's about to happen? I've never seen this part before. Hey, Travis, watcha doing with that gun?
Oh no, no no Travis, put down the gun. No no no no, he he's your buddy, he's your Yeller, no, no no, the end, THE END.
Ok what kind of sick doggy snuff film is this? !
Hey, have you guys eaten, because uh, Richard and I just finished and we've got leftovers...Chicken and potatoes...
What am I wearing?...Actually, nothing but rubber gloves.
You know, one of these times you're gonna really be naked and we're not gonna come over.
All right, I've got a leg, three breasts and a wing.
Well, how do you find clothes that fit?
Oh, hey, Monica, we got a question.
All right, for the zillionth time, yes I see other women in the shower at the gym, and no, I don't look.
No, not that one. We're trying to figure out who to bring to the Knicks game tonight, we have an extra ticket.
Yeah, Ross can't go so it's between my friend Eric Prower who has breath issues and Dan with the poking. 'Did you see that play? Do you want some more beer? Is that Spike Lee?'
Ok. Hey, why don't you ask Richard?
Ok, uh, hey Richard, if you had an extra ticket to the Knicks game and you had to choose between a friend who smells and one who bruises you who would you pick?
Wow. Well being a huge Knicks fan myself, I think you should take someone who's a huge Knicks fan.
Ok, that's Eric.
Glad to be of help. Matches.
I meant, why don't you take Richard to the game? What?
I don't know.
Come on. Keeps his fingers to himself and he's always minty fresh.
I don't know, Richard's really nice and everything, uh, it's just that we don't know him really well, you know, and plus he's, you know, old er than some people, but, uh, younger than some buildings.
So what, he's a little older, big deal, I mean he's important to me. You know if you ask him, he might take you on his Jag.
How do we say yes now and make it seem like we're not doing it just to ride in the cool car?
Ok, this could be tough.
Ok ok ok ok. Monica, we'll bring him, but only if he takes the Jaguar.
Ooh, you almost had it.
No no, you're fine, you're fine.
Hello. Hi. Hey. Hi honey.
Oh you guys are not gonna believe what happened. What?
Ok, we were sitting over there playing on the floor and he grabs the table and he pulls himself up.
He pulled himself up. Standing man. I'm sorry you guys missed it but I did tape it so it you guys wanna see it.
Uhh, we know, he already did it last week.
You can watch our tape if you want.
I don't believe this. I miss, I miss the first time of everything.
I missed, what, the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled. What else did I miss? Has he spoken yet, is he driving, does he have a favorite liquor?
You know, actually, he is getting closer on the talking thing. He can't quite say mama yet, but once he said Yemen.
See, I don't know, I'm, I'm so sick of missing stuff. You know, I want him for more than, than a day, I want him for a whole weekend. No listen, I mean, I feel like...
Great. Fine. That would be great.
Really? I mean, I, I had a whole speech prepared.
Oh shoot, that would have been fun.
Oh look, did, did you just see that? Did you see? He just waved, he just waved, he's never waved before, you've never waved before. Yes he has. Very good.
Hey Pheebs, whatcha got there?
Ok, Love Story, Brian's Song, and Terms of Endearment.
Wow, all you need now is The Killing Fields and some guacamole and you got yourself a partay.
Yeah, I talked to my grandma about the Old Yeller incident, and she told me that my mom used to not show us the ends of sad movies to shield us from the pain and sadness.
You know, before she killed herself.
Hey. Hey.
Hey. Where is he, where's Richard? Did you ditch him?
Yeah right after we stole his lunch money and gave him a wedgie. What's the matter with you, he's parking the car.
So'd you guys have fun?
Your boyfriend is so cool.
Yeah, he let us drive his Jaguar. Joey for 12 blocks, me for 15.
Wow, he must like you the best.
Oh, what about that thingy he did when he tipped the guy who showed us to our seats.
You never even saw the money, it was like this. Hey Chandler, thanks for showing us to our seats.
You're welcome. Hey Joey, thanks for parking the car.
No problem. Hey Chandler... I think they get it. Ok.

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